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Hi, I 'm Alexandria! 

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I don't really do things conventionally. I like going against the grain and doing things in a non-traditional way. I'm 28 now and I've gotten divorced. I've learned a lot, and I'm excited to keep growing. I'm very all or nothing mindset. I love art and creativity. My closet is primarily vintage and thrifted clothes. The weirder the better! I want my wardrobe to consist of designer and one of a kind items! I wear sparkly dresses and high waisted jeans, when I'm not in sweatpants. 


This isn't just some hobby for me, this is my actual career that I went to school for. I've been doing photography professionally since 2016. I've been interested in photography ever since I was little. I remember being little at my Great Grandma's house looking through old newspapers and family photos together. That began my addiction to documenting all the parts of my life. In middle school I got my first point and shoot and took pictures of mainly myself and cows, honestly. Senior year of high school I got my first DSLR and occasionally did portraits, but stuck with nature. I didn't do my first fashion shoot until college, and from there I've been focused on portraits. I graduated from Central Michigan University 6 years ago with a BS in photojournalism and a minor in apparel merchandise and design.

Thanks to my focus in fashion I am a consultant at America's Bride! I have been around weddings since my very first job as a server at English Hills (12 years ago!) and I think bridals are my calling! I especially love photographing unique weddings! Previously I worked at different boutiques in Rockford (Jade & LA Miller). My dream job would be working at Vogue as an editorial photographer. I have been published in multiple magazines now, which is super exciting! And I have images accepted online in Vogue Italia's Photo Vogue!



Sparta born and raisedMy style is very boho, but with an edgy twist. I'm obsessed with unique textures and colors. I am also a stylist, I typically style all of my fashion shoots. My look is a mixture of modern classics and trendy vintage. I've been transitioning my images to a more indie editorial vibe. I absolutely love thrift stores and hand-made items! The weirder or uglier the better! If I had three words to describe myself I would use: passionate, eclectic, and one-of-a-kind... Yes, dashes make that one word. I live off of iced coffee. All winter you can find me with an iced latte from Biggby (where I used to work). I love animals more than people. I have very large pups and a bearded dragon. My biggest dream right now is to hike Machu Picchu and take a selfie with a Alpaca. And I want to travel the world, but especially Greece & Spain. The name axieblake comes from a mixture of my childhood nickname and my middle name. 

Disney Plus is my love language

Smore's are my fav

Thrifting is my hobby

I don't like PB

I can blow spit bubbles

Stars are my thing

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