The first time I was published was with Nicole from Endless Management in Volant Magazine! I styled these myself, but also borrowed clothes from a stylist friend! The field location wasn't planned ahead of time, or the antique shop. Nicole's mom actually made the newspaper print dress!

For my shoot for Picton magazine I collaborated with a makeup artist (Tawney) & a stylist (Lydia). Sanne had the first photoshoot and Lydia made the iridescent outfit. Unfortunately during my shoot with Lindsey we found poison ivy. Even though it was at the same exact location as the first set. The velvet dress Lindsey is wearing was A PENNY from Nordstrom Rack, the velvet longlseeve one on Sanne was $130 from the same store. 

The last time I was published was the hardest one. It took me 5 tries to submit this set, and I wasn't going to try again if the last one rejected it. This was the first time I finally met Hailey, and I'm obsessed. I also knew when I found the rainbow zebra dress I had to save it for the perfect location, which was with Claire in Detroit!

I bought these sparkly vintage dresses with a photoshoot in mind. Emily showed me this perfect location in Detroit and Dalia met us there! I was actually surprised that this was accepted by the first magazine I submitted it to, within an hour of submitting! This was the fastest experience I've had with submitting and publishing. The deadline was only a few days after this shoot, and printed the week after!

This photoshoot with Dalia was so much fun! This was our second time working together and second time being published! When I bought the black teddy she immediately volunteered to model it. We planned everything out and I submitted the pics a few days later for the Scorpio Jin "Hot Girl Summer" volume! I am obsessed with these pictures and so glad to finally be able to share them! We also did a couples session with her boyfriend Colton while we were at Silver Lake! If you're feeling peachy you can check out that gallery here